This coffee grinder is top of the line for burr coffee grinders. The manufacturer is a leading coffee gear manufacturer and has a worldwide reputation for producing the best grinders available.

The company’s Virtuoso grinder is higher quality than their Encore grinder and one of the best of this style burr grinder. It is excellent quality and performs well regardless of your brewing technique.

This grinder is not cheap, so it may not be ideal if you have a tight budget or are shopping for a cheap grinder, however, if the price is not an object, this machine is an excellent choice.

The grinder is easy to use pummels whole beans into a uniform grind that is the grind you require for your favorite brewing process. For French press users, this is probably the best grinder on the market.


  • Noise. This grinder is louder than others. While the manufacturer calls it quiet, it is not, but the noise level is probably acceptable for an electric grinder.
  • Cost. Most people choose burr grinders because they are less expensive, but this one has a price range slightly over $100. However, it is a good machine.
  • Hot. It tends to overheat.
  • Messy. The grinder tends to spill grounds over the countertop when you remove its top receptacle.

Best Features

  • Solid. This is a heavy machine designed for use at home or the office. It could even hold up under light commercial use.
  • Multiple Grind Settings. The 40 grind settings allow you to grind coffee for your espresso machine or your French Press. There is a right setting for whatever brewing technique you want.
  • Easy to remove Burs. This machine is easy to clean. You can also easily remove the hopper to reach the bottom burr. The upper burr includes a silicone seal to prevent leaks. The path for coffee flow is also easy to clean. The whole cleaning process does not require using any tools.
  • Fast. The machine quickly produces a consistent grind.
  • Italian Burrs. Top quality.
  • Reduced Static-Ground coffee does not stick to the containers.
  • Good customer service.

This machine is a great value. It is the leading choice for French Press coffee available right now.

Baratza Virtuoso
  • Grind Quality
  • Adjustment
  • Heat
  • Static
  • Noise
  • Value


Great set of features, for a great price. It’s heavy, but that has it’s benefits. Highly recommended for French Press because of the large range of coarseness settings. Only downside is that it’s a bit noisy