Looking for grinder available in a variety of colors ranging from cool cream to bright red or fluorescent green? This model by Bodum meets those requirements, but reviewers may ask if it meets the quality of other units.

It comes from a reputable company. Bodum has produced quality grinders for years, so it should come as no surprise that the Bristo provides the features and quality of a company familiar with the best grinders.

Capacity is 220 grams, enough for the entire week
Timer is preset, so the machine works the right time every time
Includes a friction clutch to prevent grinding gear damage
Chamber is static proof, so coffee does not cling to it
Easy to use. Turn the knob to the far left for expresso grind.

It takes 5 seconds for a single cup or 10 for 2 cups. However, the unit heats quickly, requiring a cooling period between grinds. If you are entertaining guests, those extra minutes between grinds can slow down your coffee making process.

The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty that covers any of their electric grinders as long as you can produce a proof of purchase.

The unit provides an adjustable grind so that you can choose between French press, espresso and anything in between. It is a high-quality machine if you work with a French press, but may not perform as well if you prefer expresso.

The limited volume means this is probably not the best choice of burr grinders for making full 12 cup pots of coffee. However, if you are making single cups, or even filling a French press, it is a good unit.

The Negatives

  • Capacity is small, so it is limited to use at home
  • Not the best grinder for making espresso at home
  • Tends to creates dust and static, especially when you choose a course setting, but the plastic lid and glass catcher help to keep them under control.
  • Creates a small amount of static electricity
  • Receiving container is glass, covered in rubber, causing some problems which result in the grinds flying out of the unit and making a mess.


  • Grinds consistently for several different methods of brewing
  • Small footprint reduces the space necessary on the countertop for this unit
  • Produces less dust on the counter than most other electric units available today
  • Quiet to use
  • Easy to clean

The bottom line is this affordable unit is great and gets the coffee ground.

While there are a few negatives, the container is made of borosilicate glass, and the unit is pleasing aesthetically. It is an overall good value and offers a large capacity for coffee beans along with a large variety of settings. The affordable price and quality materials add up to some great perks for this machine.

It offers an affordably priced electric coffee grinder that you should check out before settling for another machine.

Bodum Bistro
  • Grind Quality
  • Adjustment
  • Heat
  • Static
  • Noise
  • Value


Bodum makes a good looking and high quality burr grinder with the Bistro. We had some issues with the build up of static electricity and always ended up with ground coffee on the counter. It’s strong points are the small footprint and quiet operation. Overall, we found the Bodum Bistro to grind well and look great in our kitchen