With a name meaning “King of Glass” in the Japanese language, this coffee grinders manufacturer uses glass to make the product, providing a grinder that is easy to clean and keep sanitary. Its design is aesthetically pleasing, too.

If you turn the crank too fast, it sometimes creates and inconsistent size grind, but if you slow it to a lower speed for course grinding, you will create a much more uniform grind of coffee beans.

Because this coffee grinder is lightweight, it is easy to carry, making it a perfect machine to take with you when you are on the go. Pull it out when you are staying in a hotel or visiting friends and family for the holidays, so you always have great coffee.

The price of this unit is also very reasonable, although it is somewhat smaller than some of the other units discussed here. This is a great entry level grinder for the inexperienced. While it does not have a fancy look or features, it remains functional, and it grinds coffee beans.

This is another non-electric unit that works as you turn the handle for grinding coffee beans, leaving you in full control of the grind of your coffee. The glass container allows you to see the grinds in the grinding chamber without opening it, so you can determine if you want to stop or keep grinding.

The unit is easy to use, and the coffee it produces is great. The time to use it is only a few minutes, and the removable grinding cup makes pouring the grounds into the coffee maker easy. Cleanup is also easy, and you can quickly adjust the coarseness of the grind.

This unit makes a good choice for many users; however, it is somewhat small. If you make a lot of coffee, you might want to consider some of the other machines that offer a larger capacity. This one takes too long to grind enough coffee for the whole family.


  • Produces inconsistent grind, especially at high speed
  • There is no electric motor
  • Time for grinding longer than with other machines


  • Portable, lightweight and small
  • While it is small enough for travel, its glass containers require more careful packing than other manual grinders
  • If the container breaks, you can replace it with a Mason jar
  • Very quiet as it is a manual machine. If you turn the crank faster, you will increase the noise level the grinder produces.
  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Easy to clean
  • Works for 2 to 3 people

If your budget is limited and you have the choice between a cheap electric model and this unit, choose the Hario. Its quality means it is less likely to break than cheap electric units.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Grinder
  • Grind Quality
  • Adjustment
  • Heat
  • Static
  • Noise
  • Value


We found the Hario Ceramic to be very easy to use and produce great coffee. You do need to crank the arm at a constant speed to get a consistent grind and the capacity is small. If you want to try portable grinding or need a grinder for on trips, we would highly recommend the Hario. It has great value for money.