If you want to enjoy high-quality coffee at home, you need to use freshly ground coffee beans.  Grinding coffee beans at home has become very comfortable with some home grinders available on the market.  Two of the grinders you might want to consider are the Capresso 560 and the Baratza Encore.  To determine which of these grinders you should buy, you need to look at what each has to offer.

Auto-Shutoff Mode

Reviewing the Baratza encore conical burr grinderAn auto-shutoff feature is ideal because it will automatically stop the grinder after the perfect amount of coffee beans have been ground.  This amount will be determined by the weight of the reasons that have been created.  This is a feature that on the Capresso offers as standard.  However, if you are willing to spend a bit more on the Encore, you can purchase an accessory that will have this feature.

It is important to note that the Capresso auto-shutoff feature does not weight the ground.  You will have to set an amount of time for the grinder to run and hope that this is long enough.  However, after a while, you should be able to determine the best time.

The Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of the hopper is important, particularly if you are going to be making several cups of coffee a day with the machine.  Both of these machines have a hopper, but they do have different storage capacities.  The Encore offers an 8-ounce hopper with a 5-ounce grounds bin while the Capresso has an 8.8-ounce hopper with a 4-ounce bin.  As with all Baratza models, you will be able to extend the hopper capacity of the Encore through a purchased accessory which increases the storage to 9-ounces.

The size of storage that you need will depend on what you want from the machine.  If you are looking for a device that is compact, then the Capresso wins.  However, if you want to have more beans available and are willing to pay extra, then the Encore is the winner.

The Build Quality

Reviewing the Infinity Capresso 560.01 conical burr coffee grinderWhen it comes to building quality, the Encore and the Capresso are almost identical.  They both have a grinder which is designed to be above average quality while still being a reasonable price.  This is achieved through the use of high-quality metal parts and durable plastic parts when metal is not needed.  As they are both high-quality builds, there is no clear winner in this capacity.

The Grind

When it comes to buying a grinder coffee machine, you have to consider the grind quality carefully.  This aspect of the tools is also very hard to determine unless you have used both devices.  Regarding grind settings, the Encore offers a greater select with 40 different exclusive settings that you can choose from while the Capresso only offers 16.  These settings will vary from coarse grinds to ultra-fine grinds.

You should also look at the motor speeds because this will impact the consistency of the grind.  The Encore runs at 250 RPM, but you can manually adjust the motor to run at 200 or 299 RPM.  The Capresso does not have the manual adjustment option but does operate at less than 250 RPM making it reasonably quiet and keeps the machine cool.

The winner of this category will vary depending on what you want from the device.  If you are going to be using a variety of coffee beans, then you need higher grind settings, and the Encore will win.  However, if you are likely to make the same coffee each time, then the Capresso wins as you do not need many grind settings.

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